Tidy Tupperware

The memory aspect of this tip may be a little less than some others, Tupperwarebut it’s related by way of the old card game “Concentration.”  In that game you placed all the cards face down and then turned up two at a time, trying to remember where the pairs were.  Similarly, with a drawer full of mismatched Tupperware (to use the proprietary eponym!) it can be annoying to search for the lid that matches a given tub.  I learned a helpful solution from a professional organizer that we hired years ago, which is to store the Tupperware with the lids on.  It takes up more space, but saves time and energy when you can just grab the container you need without having to search for the matching parts.  It’s easy to match them when putting them away since you usually put away the containers a few at a time after cleaning.

[Photo credit: Author]

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