Welcome!  I created this site with the intention of collectingR w Cinnamon and curating memory tips and techniques for the benefit of anyone who is interested.  With a background in neuropsychology, and both family and professional exposure to dementias, learning disorders,  and other forms of memory impairment, I have a longstanding interest in memory.

If you wish, Categories help you narrow content areas of interest, while Tags identify different levels of sophistication.  For example, if some of the posts seem pretty basic to you, try sorting by Advanced and see if you find something new to add to your repertoire.

Feel free to comment on existing posts, or to enter a new tip for consideration go to the Remembertips Google Group.  Please know that I value all your comments and suggestions, but I will only be making new posts from the cream of the crop.  If I don’t post your suggestion it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good one!

Best wishes for better remembering!

Robert Solley


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