Forgetting Through Doorways

2015-03-22 17.47.42It was empirically demonstrated several years ago that walking through a doorway induces
forgetting.  It even happens if you go through a virtual doorway on a computer screen!  Here’s one of the best accounts of the research that I’ve seen:  Walking Through A Doorway Makes You Forget.

How to make use of this?  If you’re leaving a room with a purpose, do something that will help you hang on to it.  Keep your mind engaged with the intent as you move from one place to another, or if possible, take a physical reminder with you–a note, or some other concrete object that will cue you when you get to your destination.  If you do get someplace and can’t remember what it was, going back to the room/location where you had the thought originally can jog your memory.

[Photo Credit: Author]

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