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Mnemonics I – Basic Visualized Associations

You’ve probably heard the term mnemonics, which refers generally to methods for enhancing learning or memory.  It comes from the Greek mnēmōn meaning mindful.  Familiar examples include acronyms such as the BRAT diet for upset stomach, or OFNR (which looks … Continue reading

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Physical Reminders I

I’ve alluded to these in two previous posts, and the car keys are an example.  The most obvious physical reminder is a note, like a sticky with something written on it.  I like physical reminders because they’re concrete, and often … Continue reading

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Forgetting Through Doorways

It was empirically demonstrated several years ago that walking through a doorway induces forgetting.  It even happens if you go through a virtual doorway on a computer screen!  Here’s one of the best accounts of the research that I’ve seen:  Walking … Continue reading

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Primer on iPhone Alarms and Reminders

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your iPhone memory aids. Continue reading

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Did I Shampoo or Not?

Ever forget whether you just shampooed in the shower while you were distracted by pondering the meaning of life?  Here’s a simple solution:  rub your hair.  If it squeaks, it’s clean!  For short hair rubbing seems to work best.  If … Continue reading

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Using Car Keys as Reminders

It’s good to remember where your car keys are: Have an unambiguous, designated spot for car keys.  Often a place near the exit door is good, like a hook, or a specific container on a table that’s only used for the … Continue reading

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